How to apply for the Visa-free Transit in Shanghai Airport
Immigration Inspection

How to get the Visa-free Transit?

Method 1:
The electronic application system for 144-hour transit visa exemption has been officially launched at Shanghai airport since Nov. 1, 2018. You can apply visa free online in advance. Please check this website at:

You will get a system feedback QR code after you apply online. Please scan the QR code or applicant’s valid passport on self-service machine when you arrive at Shanghai airport.

The declared information can be read directly and the “temporary entry card for foreigners” can be printed.

Method 2:
For the applicants who have not been pre-declared, they can also fill in and print the “temporary entry card for foreigners” through the self-service machine at Shanghai airport, without manually filling in the identity and entry information.

If you choose Method 2 to apply the visa free when you landing Shanghai airport.

We found some reasons that cause you can not obtain the Visa-free.

1. The validity of your passport less than 3 months.

2. Worked or been to Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan.

There must be more reasons but we just don’t know yet.

As a tour company, if we agree to arrange tour for you that is means your flights information, layover time and your nationality fit the visa free policy requirements.

But there are still some other issues might happen that might cause you can not obtain the visa-free or can not get out of the airport.

We don’t take any responsibility if it happens. And according to our refund policy, we will deduct our tour guide and driver airport transfer cost accordingly and refund the rest of tour fee to you. (Most companies are non-refundable)

Hope for your understanding!

20 thoughts on “How to apply the Visa-free Transit

  1. Tim says:

    Dear sir or madams,

    the above link for the online platform E-Application-System is not working for me: Website not found.

    Is there a new one? Can you provide me the link?

    Many thanks in advance for a short feedback.

    With best regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Tim,

      We do not have the new link for the electronic application system. Please apply the visa free when you landing Shanghai.

      Sorry about that!

  2. Raul John Cavo says:

    I’m really interested with one of your layover tour in Shanghai. We have a 13h Layover in Shanghai but do they require visa for transit tour since we are philippines passport holder? or do you have any suggestions for us about the visa? thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Raul,

      We arranged many tours for Philippines passport holder with 24 hours visa free. But the airport have right to stop you in the airport without any reason even was happened for the US passport holders. So if you want to be 100% sure, please apply for a visa in Chinese Embassy in advance.

      Thank you!

        • admin says:

          No, we do not think that will work every time. It is up to the immigration officers. As we said, if you want to be 100% sure, please apply for a visa in Chinese Embassy in advance.

          • Raul John Cavo says:

            but there are some Filipinos allowed to go out without a visa? can i apply it online for the visa or we will just go to the chinese embassy here in the Philippines?

            • admin says:

              We arranged many tours for Philippines passport holder with 24 hours visa free.

              If you want to apply for a visa in advance. Please go to your local Chinese Embassy.

  3. Maximilien MOUQUET says:

    I’m really interested with one of your layover tour in Shanghai but I tried to apply online for the free visa since I have a 13h Layover in Shanghai but I’m asked to fill an adress and Phone number in Shanghai which I cannot provide since I’ll only stay for one day and I can’t validated the form without that information what do you suggest ? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Maximilien,

      Thank you for contacting us!!

      According to our experience, you can fill any of Shanghai hotel address and phone number, then you can get the QR code.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      • Maximilien MOUQUET says:

        Ok thanks for your quick reply , so as I’ll only have a 13 hours layover maybe I can just ask a 24h visa at immigration? anyway as I’m a 22yo guy, which tour would you suggest for me since I’m landing from Paris at 7:00am and leaving at 7:45pm the same day?

        • admin says:

          Sure, you can apply the 24/144 visa free when you landing Shanghai.

          All of our tours are suitable for your layover time. Just let us know which one do you prefer.

          Thank you!

          • Maximilien MOUQUET says:

            I plan to book Tour Code BTG-SLT-022 on monday 7/01 @190USD but I would like to know how much would be the refund if I’m denied the 24h visa on arrival since I’ve read that some people were recently denied this type of visa depending on imigration officer on duty? Thanks

            • admin says:

              Hi Maximilien,

              According to our policy: if you are not able to get out of the immigration control for some reason. Or if you did not show up on time at the meeting point and there is not enough time to finish the tour. We still can refund the land service cost (excluding guide airport transfer cost USD50) to you.

  4. Piraisoodi Savarkar says:


    I am reaching Shangai on Sep 24th Monday. I land at 11:20 AM and my flight is at 9:00 PM. I am looking for a Shangai city tour. Can you please suggest one.


  5. Alexandra Lopez says:

    Hello ! I have a 12 hour layover in Shanghai in March and i was planning on booking a tour. Is there a place to drop off my luggage at the airport before leaving on the tour ?

    Thank you
    Alexandra Lopez

  6. suneera says:

    can i get visa free permit before hand. i am travelling from USA. i have 8 hour layover in shanghai. i will also like to book a tour.

    • admin says:

      Hi Suneera,

      No, you have to get the visa-free permit at Shanghai airport after you landing.

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